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Signing a memorandum of understanding between Tamdeen Youth Foundation and the Federation of Yemeni Chambers of Commerce and Industry

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2020-02-10 | Since 2 Year


A memorandum of understanding was signed today in Sanaa between the Tamdeen Youth Foundation, represented by the Executive Director Dr. Nagiba Al-Mahdi and the General Federation of Yemeni Chambers of Commerce and Industry represented by the General Director Mohammed Qaflah. The memorandum included establishing cooperation and partnership between the Foundation and the private sector, in order to build a stable base for community development, to implement innovative programs in economic empowerment, and to promote the poorest groups through income-generating and sustainable development projects.
At the signing ceremony, the Federation's general director welcomed Tamdeen Youth initiative to integrate with private companies and capital, as well as government agencies to achieve social and human goals and promote local communities. He said: "I have seen that Tamdeen Youth is a foundation that works for the citizen and has distinguished programs and projects so it will find all of our support and care." For her part, the Executive Director of the Foundation has appreciated the Federation's confidence in Tamdeen Youth and its interaction to establish the social responsibility of the private sector and interpret it into institutional work in partnership with civil society.