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Yemen says US recognition of Israeli settlements 'unacceptable , cannot change facts on ground'

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2019-11-26 | Since 4 Year

Yemen said on Monday the US recognition of Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territories is "nonacceptable and cannot change the facts on the ground for the Israeli occupation will remain an occupation."

Addressing an Arab League extraordinary session here today, Yemen's Foreign Minister Mohammed al-Hadhrami saluted the solidness of the Palestinian people in the face of the Israeli occupation and persistent atrocities.

The US decision to recognize the settlements will undermine the credibility of the US as peace broker, embolden Israeli settlers to "go ahead with their atrocities against the Palestinian people and undermine any prospective, however dim, for peace."

Furthermore, al-Hadhrami says, this US change is, in effect, "a declaration that force is what determines ownerships" of land.

He said that "comprehensive and just peace is a strategic choice for the Arab states, and stems from an absolute conviction that military solution cannot secure a sustainable peace."